Monday, March 26, 2018

Cobblestone House in Chenango County


                         This is the only known cobblestone house in Chenango 
                         County, built in 1850 and known as the Billings farm.
                         It is located at County Route 630 Route 14. The Billings
                         family were early settlers and prominent farmers in
                         the area. It is being restored by Joanna Mulas.
                           The Billings house in the 19th century.  Such houses
                           were status symbols.
                                   Photo courtesy of Robert L. Matteson, Smyrna Town Historian                                            

This house is stylistically an extremely rare example of  the Regency Gothic style of architecture with its Gothic columns and wavy Gothic cornice trim with tiny pendants, on a Greek frieze with Greek acanthus leaf patterns. This was a style popularized in Britain by the noted architect John Nash in his cottage designs (1790 to 1835). His designs  may have come over to New York State with the wave of British trained architects migrating here in the 1830s and 1840s. 


                            Facing south. Kitchen windows and garage door
                            are modern.

                                                      Facing north

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